Synthetic Fiber

Our product range includes a wide range of macro pp fiber, carbon fiber roll, glass fiber chopped strand mat, ar glass fiber, recron 3s fiber and macro synthetic fiber.

Macro PP Fiber

450/Kg Get Latest Price

Fiber TypeSynthetic Fiber
Packaging TypeLoose
Fiber Length45 MM

Minimum order quantity: 1 Kg

Fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) is concrete containing fibrous material which increases its structural integrity. It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented. Fibers include steel fibers, glass fibers, synthetic fibers and natural fibers – each of which lend varying properties to the concrete.

Carbon Fiber Roll

1800/Square Meter Get Latest Price

Thickness2 mm
Usage/ApplicationUsed In Pipe Lines,strenthening
Fiber TypeFabric Type
MaterialOrganic Polymer (Which are held together by carbon atoms)
Packaging TypeRoll
Packaging Size Kilogram25 Kg

Minimum order quantity: 1 Square Meter

Carbon fiber (alternatively CF, graphite fiber or graphite fibre) are fiber about 5–10 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. Carbon fibers are usually combined with other materials to form a composite.

Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat

350/Kg Get Latest Price

Thickness1 to 8 mm
Usage/ApplicationBoat Building, Roofing, Plastic Repair And More
Size39 x 50 Inch
Length50*100 cm
Packaging TypeRoll

Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat or CSM is a form of reinforcement used in fiberglass. It consists of glass fibers laid randomly across each other and held together by a binder. It is typically processed using the hand lay-up technique, where sheets of material are placed on a mold and brushed with resin.

AR Glass Fiber

450/Kilogram Get Latest Price

Size4-12 mm (Strand Length)
Packaging TypePP Bag
FeaturesHigher Zirconia Content

Alkali Resistant AR Glass Fiber are designed specifically for use in concrete. They are manufactured from a specially formulated glass composition with an optimum level of Zirconia (ZrO2) to be suitable for use in concrete.

Recron 3s Fiber

650/Kilogram Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationPQC, Flooring, Water Retaining Structures
Fiber TypeRecron
Packaging TypeBag
Packaging Size50 kg

It is a reinforcing fibre that improves properties such as tear, tensile, burst and bulk. Recron Synthetic Fiber 3s is specially designed for battery paste reinforcement, to meet various technical requirements such as thermal stability, acid resistance, minimum level of extractable impurities and high dispersibility.

Macro Synthetic Fiber

450/Kg Get Latest Price

Fiber TypePolypropylene synthetic Macro fiber
Grade TypeFibrillated

Macro synthetic fibres, sometimes known as 'structural' synthetic fibres, are made from a blend of polymers and were originally developed to provide an alternative to steel fibres in some applications.

Basalt Fiber Fabric

800/Square Meter Get Latest Price

Fiber TypeBasalt
Packaging TypeRoll
Weight200 gsm

Minimum order quantity: 1 Square Meter

Basalt Fabric is used as a fireproof textile in the aerospace and automotive industries and can also be used as a composite to produce products such as camera tripods.

White PP Fiber

450/Kg Get Latest Price

Fiber TypeCarbon
Packaging TypeLoose
Fiber Length18 mm

Minimum order quantity: 1 Kg

Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides. Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material[1] that can be melt-processed into fibers, films, or shapes.[2]:2 It is made of repeating units linked by amide links[3] similar to the peptide bonds in proteins. Nylon polymers can be mixed with a wide variety of additives to achieve many different property variations. Nylon polymers have found significant commercial applications in fabric and fibers (apparel, flooring and rubber reinforcement), in shapes (molded parts for cars, electrical equipment, etc.), and in films (mostly for food packaging).

Ar Glass Fibers

350/Kg Get Latest Price

Thickness12 mm
Brandowens coring

Minimum order quantity: 25 Kg

Owens corning chopped strands of Alkaline Glass Fiber of 6mm.                                                   

Kevlar Fiber Fabric

1950/Square Meter Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationMAKING Bulletproof Vests
Fiber TypeKevlar
Packaging TypeRoll
Fiber Length220 gsm
Packaging Size5 Sq.Mt
FeaturesHigh Tensile Strength To Weight Ratio

Minimum order quantity: 1 Square Meter

Kevlar has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to bulletproof vests, because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio; by this measure it is five times stronger than steel It also is used to make modern marching drumheads that withstand high impact. When used as a woven material, it is suitable for mooring lines and other underwater applications.

E Glass Fiber

380/Kg Get Latest Price

Thickness450 gsm
Packaging TypeRoll
Roll Width1 M
Roll Length60 METERS
Roll Weight30 KG
Usage/ApplicationUse To Protect Rusting In Pipes
Size50 Meter (Roll Length)
Glass Fiber TypeNet/ Mesh Type
AppearanceMat Type
MaterialGlass Fiber

Minimum order quantity: 1 Kg

The most common types of E Glass Fiber used in fiberglass is glass, which is alumino-borosilicate glass with less than 1% w/w alkali oxides, mainly used for glass-reinforced plastics.

Crimped Steel Fiber

190/Kg Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationUsed As Reinforcement In RCC Slab, Manhole Cover, Precast Slab
Fiber Length30 mm
Packaging TypeBag
Tensile Strength750-1100 Mpa
Packaging Size50 kg

Crimped Steel Fiber are low carbon, cold drawn Steel wire Fibers designed to provide concrete with temperature and shrinkage crack control, enhanced flexural reinforcement, improved shear strength and increase the crack resistance of concrete.

Basalt Fiber Chopped

800/Kg Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationFilling Material
Fiber TypeBasalt
Packaging TypeLoose
Fiber Length6mm - 24mm
Packaging Size Kilogram20 Kg

Minimum order quantity: 1 Kg

Tensile strength 2.8–3.1 GPa
Elastic modulus 85–87 GPa
Elongation at break 3.15%
Density 2.67 g/cm³


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